Whimsical Woodland Plush Ornament Mobile Tutorial

Thank You for joining me here,
today I'm sharing a fun DIY & tutorial that begins with
this original fabric I designed and is available from spoonflower!


After creating them I realized how these are perfect for year round decor
and photo props..
A child's nursery: you could thread onto an embroidery hoop
and string up as a very sweet mobile.
Keep out the loop and they make great plush toys,
My little ones love to play with them!

 So let's get to the tutorial!

What you'll need:
•  Order the fat quarter from Spoonflower here
•  Thread
•  Stuffing
•  Needle or Sewing Machine
•  Pins & Pincushion
•  Scissors
•  Twine or ribbon for loop if desired
•  Iron

You can either hand or machine sew this project

 Place the mirrored images face to face

Hold up to any light to match up
And pin together
This allows both pieces to be cut at the same time,
with the same seam allowance.


With a pencil or any marking tool
Lightly sketch approx. 1/2" all around the
General outline of the design,
Then again about 1/4" around the design,
This will be your actual stitch line.
Cut along the outer marked line.


Avoid drawing any hard turns or angles
Which may make it difficult to poke out tiny corners,
It's better to leave a good amount of space around
the entire image

If you're wanting to hang these
Nows the time to add the loop
Simply cut approx. 7" of twine or ribbon
Fold in half and do a good sturdy triple knot
Place loop In between the two layers
With the knot above your inner stitch line & pin


Thread up your needle with polyester thread
For strength, or 2-3 stands of doubled white cotton thread.
Do a smaller stitched back stitch
Or machine sew with a regular stitch
along entire inner line
Leaving a gap for stuffing
I chose to leave
open & stuff thru its bottom.

Clip Valleys Notch Mountains...

A good tip for all your sewing
Is to clip the big mountains and notch the valleys..
This allows the fabric to lay flat and nice once it's turned right side out.

So after your stitching,
take a moment to clip & notch your edges.
Then turn right sides out..

Take Your Iron and Give it a Good Pressing


And stuff.. not too full.


Once you've got it to the density you prefer
Finger press the opening closed.


The ladder stitch
I find these tips helpful:
Take very small stitches
Begin the next one as close to the last one as possible
Both will make a tight & sturdy seam
Pull the ladder closed every inch or so
The needle should be slid into the little
Chamber the folded fabric created
Doing a few security stitches and burying the thread tail
down seam a little ways
Finally cutting off the thread..


Echo Quilting
Now take a double stranded thread
And "quilt" around the image for a more detailed look...
I switched to a longer needle
I started at the bottom between the two mushrooms
Popped the knot into the seam
By pulling gently until the knot pulls into the stuffing
Take a basic running stitch taking care to control
Where it comes out on the opposite side
and follow the outline of the features as desired.

The more dense the "quilting", the more detail you add
The more character your little plush will have!


Aren't these fun.?!


As ALWAYS, I am happily available to you for any questions,
Or assistance if ever needed with any of your projects.
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