Contemporary Hand Stitching . Great Horned Owl Embroidery Woodland Stitchery

Hey there! It's awesome to have you visiting again!
Really! Hold on I'll bring out my very favorite
linens, tea cups, chocolate and flowers
for us to sit and catch up!

What started as a color & stitch study for a new Embroidery pattern...

 Turned into a proper embroidered portrait..

I found such peace, tranquility & sheer joy
while stitching this little guy...
I'm deliberating turning this into the actual
Owl pattern for the series...


I would love to get your input, as these decisions are much more enjoyable and fun with a friends help!
But enough about me!
What are you up to these fine days?
Post an Instagram reply to @littlesparrownest
And show me!
Well friends, I'm off to start yet another embroidery piece..
It's addictive, I tell you!
Big Smiles & Hugs